Wednesday, March 28, 2018

5 Things to Know Before Purchasing a DNA Testing Kit

DNA testing kits are becoming more affordable and cheaper than they ever were before. Many popular brands like 23andMe and are selling these kits and all it takes is a sample of your spit and you are given information about your DNA. Alicia Park from TIME Magazine thinks there are five important things everyone should know before purchasing these kits. These five things are; you won't find out everything about your genes, don't expect to learn if you will get cancer, you'll learn more about where you came from, your DNA might not be as private as you think, and your DNA isn't your destiny. Many people will think that if there results show they have a specific "cancer causing" gene they will one day get cancer no matter what. Unfortunately, this person might be right, but just because they have the gene does not mean they will get cancer. It only means that their chances of getting cancer might be higher than someone else without that gene. DNA testing kits can be very interesting and fun if the buyer has an understanding of what their results show.

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