Sunday, April 10, 2022

Progress of Analytical Tools and Techniques for Human Gut Microbiome Research

Gut reaction: How the gut microbiome may influence the severity of COVID-19

    'Progress of Analytical Tools and Techniques for Human Gut Microbiome Research' is an article published in the Journal of Microbiology in 2018. This deals with DNA sequencing among humans with their gut and cancer. In the title and abstract it has said the article will be about DNA sequencing amongst human genomes. 

      This article has stated, "The process of DNA extraction is one of the key steps in microbiome studies and thus, errors arising during DNA extraction should be kept at a minimum so that the diversity of microbial communities can be accurately estimated. Owing to the differences among the each bacterial cell, in terms of cell membranes and cell wall structures, in the diverse population of microorganisms (Bag et al., 2016), differences in the method of DNA extraction can affect the outputs from cell lysis, thus producing erroneous profiles of the microbial community (Salonen et al., 2010; Smith et al., 2011; Mau- konen et al., 2012). Recent studies have demonstrated that the use of bead beating during DNA extraction improves the extraction efficiency by effectively disruping the cell walls of Gram-positive bacteria (Yuan et al., 2012; Guo and Zhang, 2013; Bag et al., 2016; Lim et al., 2018)." Isolating DNA by itself is a vital step thus contamination must be prevented at all costs. There are techniques being used as a way to have the percent of contamination lowered(Son, Lee,Nam 2018).  

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