Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Is Eczema Linked to Heredity?

The CARD11 gene carries the information to make a protein that is necessary for the proper functioning of lymphocytes which are immune cells that protect that body from infection. The mutation in this gene results in eczema due to a weakened immune system in which researchers have found to be 5 different types of mutations. 

Eczema is a condition in which results in skin irritation and inflammation that arise from an abundance of things such as a weakened immune system and environmental triggers such as moist air, smoking tobacco, and stress. The condition results in dry and itchy skin which can result in a clear fluid when scratched. Researchers think that eczema is heredity because of the genes that make proteins. Mutated genes of one or both of their parents will increase their chances of developing eczema. 

Other than the CARD11 gene, the KIF3A gene also affects the development of eczema. This gene codes for protein transport and cell signaling in which results from a weakened skin barrier and water loss. The FLG gene is also another gene that can develop atopic eczema and is one of the more common mutations in people with eczema. The severity depends on whether the individual has mutations in both copies or one copy.

Eczema is heredity and is not contagious because a person with eczema has the cracking of the skin in which results in vulnerability to infections. However, when a person with eczema is infected with a skin infection, those infections are then contagious. 


  1. I learned a lot about eczema from this post specifically the genes that are responsible for this condition. I assumed the conditioned originated from the proteins in the skin, and not from the immune system. I was interested in how the lack of one protein for lymphocytes causes this redness and irritation on the skin. Also, it was interesting to learn that the severity of eczema is caused by the defect of the CARD11 gene and/or the KIF3A gene.

  2. I had no idea that eczema was related to the body's immune system, although I did know it was related to environmental triggers. It is interesting to know that while it is not contagious, a skin infection can be contagious. Thank you for sharing.