Thursday, September 17, 2020

Strict New Guidelines Lay Out A Path To Heritable Human Gene Editing


    Human gene editing has proved to be a big controversial issue of today, as well as an ethical debate. Scientists are working to perfect gene editing in the ability of producing desired babies. By essentially changing one gene on an individual, you are able to change the traits they will express such as athletic ability, intelligence, or musical talent, etc. Some scientist agree that "designer babies" are a possibility, but the ethical views against it are still too strong to even begin work. More importantly, gene editing can be used to remove diseases or disorders that normally would cause hardship and damage to an individual. One disease in particular they are working to remove is sickle cell-disease. With gene editing, scientists say that it could be corrected. This fix would help many people with this disease to become healthier and overall, live a better life. The steps toward sickle cell-disease and others are being made carefully to benefit society, however it will take some time before it is perfected and accepted by society as a whole.

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  1. I totally agree with you Emma. This will help many people with this disease and to become healthy. Sickle cells are worst thing to have in your body.