Sunday, November 24, 2019

Black meat, bones, and organs in Chickens

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There are a few breeds of chickens in which they are completely black. These chickens have "fibromelanosis" which is due to a mutation, and happen to be very rare. An expressed gene, which controls skin color, known as EDN3, is expressed more than the normal chicken. This causes the the bones and organs to be black. This mutation luckily does not affect the chickens, and merely causes the dark color.

In my opinion, this mutation is actually really cool. I figured bones weren't all white, grayish, etc. but it took me by surprise that the bones and organs of an animal could be black as well as I've never really seen that before. I also find it interesting that the reason that these breeds have continued to spread around the world is because people liked the coloring of the chickens, and they would be bred as they were taken around.


  1. This mutation is cool. It almost looks like a lawn adornment. I probably wouldnt eat the meat.

  2. This mutation is interesting, as a big fan of chickens myself I have watched a few documentaries about chicken breeding and chicken shows that are held around the world. I do not think I have ever seen a fully black chicken before but I would totally eat one. Around Halloween time this would be a great idea for a scary meal.