Friday, April 7, 2017

F.D.A. Will Allow 23andMe to Sell Genetic Tests for Disease Risk to Consumers

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      A company named 2andMe based in Mountain View, California has long sought the green light to sell consumers genetic tests. The Food and Drug Administration is allowing the company 23andMe to sell genetic test kits to consumers, this will allow them to test for the likelihood that they will inherit genetic diseases such  as Alzheimer's. Currently the companies test only include ten diseases including Parkinson , Celiac disease, Alzheimer's, Gaucher disease type 1, etc.  This landmark decision for the FDA is expected to allow more companies to release tests directly to the consumer. The health kit sold by 23andMe is retailed for $199.00 and is a simple process.
    After a customer purchases the kit they then spit into a tube and mail it o the 23andMe headquarters. The companies lab will extract DNA from the saliva and test it against genetic markers for certain diseases. The customer can then log into their account and see the report and its interpretation. Although i believe this is a big step in allowing the public to readily know if they are carrying a disease, i also find man drawbacks. Most who have a family history of illness may want to know right away if they too inherited the disease and with the new technology can know in a matter of days without properly preparing themselves mentally for the news. Once you have received the results there is no unknowing and that could lead to depression. Also the tests could confuse customers as the results do not indicate you have the disease but that you have a higher likelihood.

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