Friday, April 7, 2017

Are most Cancers due to Random DNA Mistakes?

In the article, Nearly Two-Thirds of Cancers are Due to Random DNA Mistakes’, it is stated that cancer is caused mostly by random mistakes and is not due to heredity or environmental factors. A whopping two-thirds of cancer are mutations in DNA that causes cells to multiply at high rates. A pathologist, Dr. Vogelstein, said, “Cancer will occur no matter how perfect the environment.” The more mutations in an individual’s DNA the more likely the cells will turn into cancerous cells. One single mutation is not likely to cause cancer. There must be enough random mistakes that occur to cause cancer. Personally, I believe that individuals should not go out now and smoke cigarettes like they are nothing, drink alcohol like its water, and do drugs constantly. These are still harmful tasks and do effect the body in a negative way. It is interesting how cancer is not mostly heredity according to this study. Every time I go to the doctors, the doctor always asks if there is a family history of any cancer. I believe there must a correlation between parents and children related to passing down of cancer.  Also, it is important to note that this is only one study. For me to fully believe this study, it must be replicated multiple times using different people. It is a scary thought that an individual can go their whole lifetime without harming their body with negative substances and yet randomly get mutations in their DNA to multiply cancer cells rapidly. If scientists discover more information on this topic it is exciting because cancer is such a mystery. If knowing how people obtain cancer, then maybe trying to figure out a way to cure it will become easier. 

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