Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Banning of Sugary Drinks


          The University of California, San Francisco removed all sugary drinks from its campus. The purpose of the removal of sugary drinks was to see if there would be any effects when large amounts of sugar was to be removed.
       The University based this removal on the studies based on the previous studies of obesity, diabetes, and other health risks. Many staff have also participated in this by only buying 100% juices or water.  A tax was placed on sugary drinks to raise money on those who drink sugary drinks. One employee is already seeing the positivity of this banning.
 "Eventually, she stopped bringing soda to work and started drinking water, tea and zero-calorie flavored drinks instead. She has lost five pounds and hopes to lose at least 20 more. She said she sometimes struggles to avoid sugary drinks when she is at home or going out with her friends, but feels good that the university no longer sells them at her place of work."
      The reasoning of picking this article was because our campus has different options to drink but most of the options are sugary. From having a family with diabetics, it would be nice to see more sugarless options.


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  1. It's crazy to think that the lack of sugary drinks in your diet can make you lose weight, especially as much as 5 pounds. Drinking a soda or having a sugary iced tea seems like nothing because its "just a drink". Most people worry about what they eat and not what they drink and it's interesting that this study shows that more people will revert to water.