Monday, January 29, 2024

Genetics Are NOT Destiny

 The Obesity Prevention Source article from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health discusses the role of genetics in obesity. It highlights that while genes do play a part in determining susceptibility to obesity, they are not the sole determinant. The article explains that there are rare forms of obesity caused by mutations in single genes, but more common forms of obesity are influenced by multiple genes and environmental factors.  Some environmental factors listed include the amounts of places in which people weren't previously able to get food before are everywhere now like gas stations and pharmacies, also the decreased amount of time people, especially young children spend outside nowadays.  The interaction between genes and the environment, such as diet and physical activity, is crucial. Research indicates that while certain gene variants may increase the risk of obesity, a healthy lifestyle can counteract these effects. The article emphasizes the importance of understanding genetic contributions to obesity while also addressing environmental factors to prevent and treat obesity effectively.

I found this article rather interesting, because nowadays many influencers involved in nutrition and fitness love to claim that genetics is the biggest factor when it comes to maintaining body health and no matter what most of us do, our genetics will never allow a certain body type. While this is true to some very little extent, I think this article shows that incorporating certain habits into our daily lives is so much more effective than blaming our problems on genes passed down. To quote the article, "Genes may co-determine who becomes obese, but our environment determines how many become obese". I really like this statement because it allows for no excuses in regards to people who feel they are destined for failure due to their genes. 




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  1. This article hits such an important point! I think many people forget that many different factors influence weight loss as well as weight gain. Having an understanding of the basic but predominant factors is important to gaining an understanding of your own body and how to help yourself with your weight loss or gain goals. Continuing to look into the factor of genetics and how it influences obesity I feel is a good thing to continue as there could be unknown underlying genetic factors possibly preventing someone from losing weight.