Friday, February 2, 2024

Is Ocean Fungi the Source of the Next Penicillin-like Drug?

After the largest recorded study of ocean DNA was conducted, its results revealed interesting secrets and an abundance of possibilities about fungi living in the twilight zone of the ocean. This article published by Frontier Scientific Publishing has released powerful information that might blow the door right open for the pathway of new drugs.

The twilight zone is between 200 meters and 1,000 meters below the surface of the ocean and is a host for a variety of unique organisms and animals. One of the researchers stated "Penicillin is an antibiotic that originally came from a fungus called Penicillium so we might find something like that from these ocean fungi" suggesting that there might be another resource for Penicillin living within the twilight zone. The environment of the twilight zone consists of extreme pressure, cold temperatures, and no light which might cause fungi to exhibit unique adaptations much like the fish that also live in the environment which have come to develop bioluminescent skin and large eyes. With these possible peculiar traits might come special biochemical properties. 

I believe that this is a critical discovery to the medical field as the discovery of all of the fungi living in the twilight zone of the ocean could contribute massively to the drug department. The development of new drugs similar to Penicillin could have a massive impact on our economy as well as the people who use these types of drugs. Another thing is that along with possibly creating a drug similar to Penicillin there could also be other new drugs formulated to help with other issues people and doctors face daily. 


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  1. It's amazing to discover that an extreme fungi 200-1000m below in the ocean can open a new gate way to pharmaceutical drugs. The biochemical properties of organisms that can survive such deep pressure, extreme temperatures, and no light may help us solve illnesses we are currently dealing with. With this type of penicillin maybe we can combat antibiotic resistance longer than we thought!