Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Why Do Cats Live Longer Than Dogs?

 We all wish our furbabies could live forever, but have you ever thought about why cats live longer than dogs? Both are domesticated animals, but the gap between the lifespans is interesting. Dr Steve Austad, a lion trainer turned biologist, said: "There is an evolutionary theory of aging... that suggests that things live longer in safe conditions. Think of cats' solitary ways. Unlike dogs, which are pack animals, they live at low density and that tends to prevent them from catching infectious diseases." 

Cats have a faster metabolic rate than dogs, due to evolution and their natural predators. These characteristics are due to their genetic diversity, cats are more resilient to disease and environmental issues, unlike dogs. Another genetic issue with dogs is many of them are inbred which leads to more genetic disorders. A lower risk of genetic disorders equals a longer lifespan. 

In the past years, veterinarian advancements have given cats a longer lifespan due to the new treatments, and ranges of conditions they can treat. They have improved on many surgical techniques, and therapy treatments as well. Also as a pet owner, it is important that you know your pet and make sure there is a good relationship between you and their veterinarian so you can help better your animal's life and live a longer healthier life.


Cats vs. Dogs

Cats Lifespan


  1. I am both a dog and cat person and have had both as a pet at some point in my life so it was interesting to read why cats can live longer than dogs. I did not know cats had these genetic factors that dogs do not.

  2. I own neither a dog or cat so this information is very interesting because of the lack of knowledge I have in this area. I never knew cats are better at not catching diseases. However I did know about how inbreeding leads to disorders, and I knew that this could be a reason to why dogs are very prone to having certain diseases or conditions. This was a very interesting article and now I know a little bit more about cats and dogs!

  3. Being around dogs my whole life and now having a cat, this is very interesting information. I believed the life time of a cat or dog was just whoever happens to live healthier. I did not know that cats tend to live longer based on their ability to fight diseases better than dogs. I guess that is why they say cats have nine lives. Very good article this is very interesting.

  4. As both a cat and a dog owner it is interesting to learn the evolutionary reasoning behind a cat's longer lifespans. I always knew most dog breeds were partially inbred, leading to various physical ailments; although, I never knew that cats were not a susceptible to diseases due to their solitary nature.

  5. This is an interesting question, I would say first by saying I only own a dog and I never had a cat. But I know in general cats tend to have a longer lifespan compared to dogs due to a combination of factors. I know a reason could be because cats tend to be more independent and have a lower risk of accidents or injuries. Additionally, I know cats are more adept at self-grooming, which helps maintain their overall health. It's important to know that individual factors such as diet, exercise, and veterinary can play a huge role in determining the life span of both dogs and cats.

  6. This is so interesting to read! I wonder if theres a way that we could genetically modify dogs DNA to make them more similar to cats so they could live longer.