Saturday, November 11, 2023

Largest Ever Study of Suicide Genetics Gives Clues to Who's at Risk

 Largest Ever Study of Genetics Gives Clues to Who's at Risk 

    New research has discovered that 12 genes can be linked to an increased risk of attempting suicide. People from 22 different populations, also ethnically diverse, were studied for this research. The data also included about 44,000 documented suicide attempts as well as more than 915,000 ancestors of these people who served as the control group. What they found was that not only one gene influences risk, but multiple of them at once. "If we can use genetic information to characterize the health risks of those who attempt suicide, we can better identify those patients who need contact with the mental healthcare system." Anna Docherty, study author states.  
    I believe that this study can save a lot of lives. I do understand that there are environmental, work-related, school-related, and other factors that contribute to depression which can lead to attempting suicide, but I never thought about how genetics plays a role in this. I think it would be good if doctors could target these people because of genetic testing because they could then get these people the help that they need before they get to their breaking point. I think it would be good because they can catch this before the person is even in that state and they can just go to preventative therapy. I think this can be used in many ways depending on the person and how exactly they are feeling. 


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  1. This is an extremely interesting article that would definitely revolutionize how patients with mental health issues are treated. Sometimes people at high risk of suicide are able to get away because they can fake how they truly feel; however, genetic testing such as this can help identify those individuals and get them help they deserve.