Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Cannabis: Who's More Susceptible to Health Risks?

 Over the past few decades, Cannabis has not only been legalized medically in certain places in the U.S. and other countries but also for recreational use as well. As shown in the article, it can alleviate the negative effects of certain conditions (such as chronic pain and cancer). Even with the benefits associated with the drug, there are also risks that come with taking it as well. This consists of increased risks of mental disorders and cancer (specifically lung cancer). According to a new study, people with certain genes will have an increased likelihood of becoming addicted to cannabis (One-third of users become addicted) along with the health risks stated previously. 

  Cannabis is a drug that's important to many people throughout the world with, for some, it being a major part of their lives. Yet, I never knew about the actual risks that the drug that could come with the use of this drug for certain people. It seemed obvious that lung cancer would be a possible risk but I didn't think the same for mental disorders. As stated by Joel Gelernter (co-author of the study) in the article, researchers will need to continue building on top of this data to understand the risks better. One day, there will be a way to determine who is best suited to be prescribed cannabis.




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  1. This is something I believe needs more research. I feel that marijuana is too new for people to realize the long-term effects of it. I found out that marijuana is a depressant not that long ago and I was so shocked when I found out because people don't talk about the negative effects enough. Aside from health issues marijuana makes you feel happy and calm in the moment but in the long term can heighten and worsen depression.