Saturday, November 26, 2022

Immune pathway shows benzoyl peroxide absolves acne


Abigail Eisenstadt discovered that benzoyl peroxide is able to squalene's effect on immune cells that are attacking acne bacteria. A relationship between the  immune system and acne was observed by RNA sequencing and Modlin and colleagues macrophages, or white blood cells, which rush to sites of infection to engulf intruders. Macrophages use oxidation to kill bacteria on the skin. Since the benzoyl peroxide is an oxidizing chemical, it can be harnessed to kill acne-causing bacteria when natural macrophages cannot. Finally the a renounced dermatologist recognizes benzoyl peroxide's ability to reduce redness and combat acne. 

I find this information very useful for younger individuals that are battling acne and the side effects it causes. Many teenagers going through puberty struggle with acne and do no know the most effective way to combat it is. In addition, it is important to know what is scientifically proven and was is used as marketing for consumption. 

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