Saturday, November 26, 2022

This New Testing Method May Improve the Speed and Cost of Birth Defect Testing


A technique developed by Dr. Zev Williams, may allow for prenatal testing to be done in office. This test takes a few hours rather than a few days so women can get their results a lot faster. Also, the tissues or samples can be tested in office rather than having to be sent out to a lab. Additionally, the testing would cost a couple hundred dollars rather than a few thousand that it normally costs.


The test uses nanopore sequencing and small DNA pieced. This test is useful because it can show if there is an extra chromosome or a chromosome missing. While testing this device they found that this test yields very accurate results when matched with the current testing results. When they tested miscarriage samples, they actually found that the current testing method had wrong results. 


This was a very informative article. It is very interesting that there is a much faster, cost friendly, and more accurate way for prenatal testing and tissue testing.  This testing method will be very useful for women in understanding what could potentially be wrong with their fetus or what may have caused their miscarriages. 

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