Monday, April 25, 2022

BRD in Cattle

BRD was used in Black Angus Cows to show their responses to the Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) vaccine. Cattle breeders can use the bovine vaccine, to help them choose the best cattle to breed. BRD is the leading cause of natural death for cows and costs the cattle industry an estimated $900 million a year. Medication is expensive, so cattle producers rely on vaccinations to mitigate the problem. This is very troubling considering that we are just getting out of the COVID era. 

What would this vaccine help for cattle breeders specifically? Since, medication is very expensive receiving a vaccine for the least amounts of time would be beneficial on time and money. Additionally, breeding the cattle that only need a shot of two of the BRD vaccine is favorable then, breeding cattle who could die from this disease without receiving a vaccine. 

According to an article from Johns Hopkins University"The researchers examined a distinguishing feature of bovine immunity: the long complementarity-determining region H3 loops in the antibodies they create. Bovine antibodies with such ultra long CDR H3 loops have been found to neutralize certain strains of HIV, and Safonova and her team have discovered that they are also one key to developing antibody responses against BRD." This is only the start of something greater from the time that we are at, and the diseases that arising each day. 

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