Sunday, April 24, 2022

In Dog DNA, Small Size Has an Ancient Pedigree


A group of researchers collaborated together to come up with DNA charts.  They came to the conclusion that smaller dog breeds seem to be ancestral to larger canines. In fact, there is no specific gene that determines a dog's size whatsoever, but there are 25 genes that can determine their unique size. It is called a single "IGF1 Allele". A single IGF1 single-nucleotide polymorphism haplotype is common amongst all small breeds, and it is nearly absent in larger canines. In the article, it states, "This little bit of DNA isn't a gene, as a result of by definition a gene has to comprise the directions to make a protein. However, many different stretches of DNA have the directions for bits of RNA that assists to manage genes. He discovered a DNA have the directions for bits of RNA that assist to manage genes. He discovered a DNA stretch that has directions for what is known as anti-sense RNA, which performs a major function in controlling the manufacturing of proteins specified by genesis discover known as IGF1-AS and it is available in 2 variants. 


  1. This is surprising on how 25 genes can determine the sizes of dogs. I initially thought that there would be one determining gene that would make that decision. Reading into the article there are a lot of concepts from "IGF1 Allele," that I had no idea it was an allele in dogs.