Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Scientists Find 13 Candidate Genes Associated with Fitness Outcomes

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In this article researchers found that there is a specific type of gene called candidate gene may be able to predict successful responses from targeted types of workouts within peoples training as well as influence energy pathways. metabolism, storage and cell growth in the body. A meta-analysis was conducted to find specific versions or alleles of the candidate genes in relation to untrained participants response to exercise and analyzed strength, anaerobic power, as well as cardiopulmonary fitness. The study was also able to tell wether it was identified genes or alleles which was the contributor to differences within exercise training responses within the participants of the study. Researchers had been able to identify 13 candidate genes and alleles from which there were nine, six, and four that were correlated with cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, as well as anaerobic power. When breaking down these three categories, it was interpreted that 44% of the difference in aerobic training responses were due to genetic influences. Within the power group genes had less influence with only having 10% of the variability in response to being due to genetics. As researchers learn more about phenotypic expressions of the various haplotypes within genes there will eventually be a spectrum to help interpret them moving froward. The meta- analysis was able to classify the study groups, however further studies will have to find out the exact role of the genes influencing cardiopulmonary fitness, strength and anaerobic power. The benefit of finding the exact role will help to better support the optimization and individualization for exercise programs based on the genetic makeup of a person.

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