Monday, April 12, 2021

A Genetic Patch that Eliminates Hearing Problems associated with the DFNA9 Gene


According to the researchers at the Radboud University, a genetic patch can eliminate hearing problems associated with the DFNA9 gene. Usually, the mutation in the DFNA9 gene causes deafness from birth. In some cases, hearing problems can occur after forty years. If inherited a mutated copy of the gene, then hearing problems will develop later in life. If inherited two normal copies of the gene, then that person will have normal hearing. The genetic patch, known as antisense oligonucleotide, works by developing a small piece of RNA that binds to the RNA messenger from the muted DFNA9 gene. This stops the production of the mutant DFNA9 protein. Adding the genetic patch would prevent further damage to the ear. Another option to treat problems associated with the DFNA9 gene is to turn it off. This would also stop the production of the mutant DFNA9 protein.  


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