Monday, April 12, 2021

Woman takes a chance on becoming pregnant with a Mosaic embryo

The article talks about how a woman and her husband wanted a kid at the age of 40. With this in mind they went to see a fertility doctor to see what they could do. The doctor tested the chromosomes in the embryos to figure out which ones were going to have any abnormalities. After trying two invitros she had one more shot with a embryo that was a girl but the embryo was mosaic which means it can be abnormal or normal. One of the issues was the embryo having an extra 22nd chromosome which would led to a miscarriage. I think it is interesting that we have the technology to see the chromosomes of an embryo and test for any genetic diseases before hand.


  1. Yes, I do believe that it is very interesting that they have the technology to see the chromosome of an embryo and test it for genetic diseases before birth.

  2. This was a very unique situation for the couple. After implanting the embryo they took the risk of there possibly being a miscarriage if the 22nd chromosome had such an effect to indicated a non viable baby. It was a 50-50% chance and when concerning the issue of embryos having an extra or one less chromosome there are going to terminal effects and sometimes the effects can cause miscarriages or short lifespans.