Friday, February 12, 2021

People With Dementia are likely to get Coronavirus

This article from New York Times explains the recent study that has shown that people with dementia are more prone to get infected with COVID-19 because of their old age, living in nursing homes, and people with conditions such as asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc; which are all known risk factors pertaining to COVID-19. As the study suggested, people who are around the elderly need to be more aware of their surroundings and be responsible to make certain that they are wearing masks and keeping a safe distance. 

The data collected for the study was based hospital records was based on 61.9 million electronic health records from demographics of 18 and older within the United States. According to Deccan Herald, the researchers who obtained these medical records had to adjust their data to count for the risk factors being old age, living in the nursing home, obesity, etc before they were able to determine that Americans with dementia were more likely to contract the virus than people without. When the study was concluded, it showed that Black people with dementia had a higher risk of getting COVID-19 than White people. The vulnerability that is causing this might include physiological and cognitive factors. 

I think that it is even more critical now to follow all the guidelines that have been recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in order to maintain and reduce the widespread of COVID-19 because it is affecting the elderly.  

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  1. I find this very interesting, but also puzzling at the same time. I would love to know as to why this occuring. Are physiological and cognitive factors linked to COVID-19 or is because they are already at a predisposition. Of course, eldery people don't have as strong as an immune system, but wwhy dementia in specifically and not any other disease. It would also be interesting to see repeat data now, that it has been a fre monthes since this data sample was taken.