Sunday, October 4, 2020

A New Tomato Ideal For Urban Gardens and Even Outer Space



Scientists have discovered a new form of planting crops. The Urban Agriculture Tomato prove to be efficient and beneficial to our environment. The gene-editing of the tomato has allowed it to bunch up closer together rather than in vine like fashion. The whole point of this new idea was to be able to grow plants in Urban areas that would likely not be able to produce the plants. This way more plants can be grown almost anywhere. They are even talking about growing them in space! This new advancement has made it possible for the tomatoes as well as other plants to be produced faster, easier, more efficiently and taste better. More people will be able to be fed as well. This also allows us to save land as well as decrease the amount of fertilizer used to aid crops from entering the soil and rivers. This ultimately proves to be beneficial to everyone and everything! The gene responsible for it all is SIER. This gene was modified with the CRISPR gene which led to the amazing, tasty tomatoes.


  1. I think this blog is awesome Emma considering how much healthier it would be for people living in urban areas to be able to grow their own vegetables in small spaces. They say vegetables lose their nutrients over time once removed from the ground. So, by the time those vegetables reach big cities like New York they are not as healthy as home grown ones. This can hopefully help big urban cities get better nutritious foods while growing them nearby.

  2. This idea is great. It would be better for everyone as this is a more efficient and better tasting way to grow tomatoes, especially for city areas where there is not much space to group fresh fruit and vegetables. wonderful post!

  3. I thought this article was awesome! This new way of growing tomatoes is very efficient for the people and the environment as it produces more and takes up less space. It would also be very helpful to people who have urban farms and reminds me of an environmental course I took.