Friday, July 31, 2020

African turquoise killifish stop aging?

These African Turquoise Killifish "Press Pause" on Aging
Have you ever wonder if there was a species that is able to stop aging? Researcher have found a fish called African turquoise killifish, that are able to stop their development when they are embryos, which is called Diapause. Researches used the genes of the fish to analyze the aging, and discovered that it was actually halted. Its pretty amazing that they are able to halt there development for five months to two years, and then continue without any consequences. Researcher used to information in order to halt diseases or be able to find a way to preserve human organs for long-term.


  1. I have never heard of this fish species before. It is amazing that the fish have the ability to stop developing. In the future, I would love to hear about different technologies and methods scientists come up with to do the same process to humans. I also wonder if there would be an effect on the human body somehow if something like this was done to a human. So interesting!

  2. Just like Taryn stated, I never heard of this fish before. Just like we talked in our lecture about aging of telomere, I'm wondering if this specie is able to gives us more information at least helps us in some form in a way to stop certain aging genetic disorders such as Progeria.