Wednesday, November 27, 2019

DNA Surrounding EGFR Aids Cancer

Teams at the University of California San Diego 
See the source imageSchool of Medicine and Case Western Reserve University 
School of Medicine found that extra DNA allows cancer 
cell's to live. They also found that if two tumor types are 
caused by the same gene, the extra DNA could be different. 
These teams used the cancer causing gene EGFR,  which
is part in glioblastoma (brain and other cancers). Mass 
amounts of this gene make circular DNA. The extra DNA 
around the EGFR samples which found "20 to 50 enhancers 
and other regulatory elements (Science Daily)." After testing
the elements by turning them off, they found that almost all 
of them helped the tumor grow in size. After finding this
information, they looked into other cancer types, and 
found similar results.

I believe that research and experiments like this are extremely important. I think cancer is way more common than it should be, and information such as these will be able to aid in the fight against cancer.

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