Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Cure for the Common Cold?

A protein that is inside of humans is used by many viruses to replicate. In research on mice and human cells where this protein is lacking, viruses could not replicate. Researchers at Stanford University used CRISPER to deleted chunks of DNA, each missing a gene, so they can no longer make a specific protein. These chunks of genes were infected with viruses and studied to determine which proteins were interacting with viral proteins. The one protein that repeatedly interacted was SETD3, which was previously known as an actin protein helping muscles contract. Engineered Mice and human lung cells made to lack the SETD3 gene did not get sick when infected with viruses. To further surprise, this gene could also affect getting sick from diseases other than the common cold. With this new knowledge drugs can be synthesised to block the human protein and the viral from interacting, but complicated targeted treatments like this are not going to be available for prescriptions any time soon. Even so, it is always nice to know the expansion of science is working to make life better for those who are sick. I hope some form of treatment becomes available, and they are able to find cures for as many viruses that respond to the SETD3 protein as possible.
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