Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Dachshund Dwarfish - Double Tail

A congenital disorder is often an inherited medical condition.  Such conditions in gods may include cleft palates or extra toes.  This unicorn puppy, named Narwhal, has a tail growing out of the middle of his forehead.  The extra tail lacks any boney structure and cannot wag on its own and is simply extra skin showing no signs of impairment for the pup.  Birth defects fall into three general categories: chromosomal abnormalities, single-gene defects, and multifactorial influences. Some congenital defects are specific to certain breeds and are a result of exaggerated features that characterize a breed.  Our beloved Narwhal the dog is a dachshund, an achondroplastic breed.  Dachshunds are essentially bred for their dwarfism features which can result in a higher likelihood of deformities.

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  1. I never realized dachshunds were bred for dwarfism. its interesting to see how much genetics plays a role in dog breeding. I have always found them to be a cute breed.

  2. I wonder what cause the tail to grow in the spot and without a boney structure like a normal tail. Its surprising that the tail does not impair him in any way.