Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The NSPR1 Gene relating to sleep

All college students should have the NSPR1 gene, it would help many of the late night study sessions to be quite easier the next day. The NSPR1 gene was recently related to people who have shorter sleep duration periods, with no negative consequences. This study is being researched in humans and mice right now from the University of California. In humans this gene reduces the time duration of the sleep cycle, where in mice they reduce the need for sleep. The NSPR1 gene codes for a receptor that binds to neuropeptide which is found in the brain and related to sleep. When the team bred this variation of gene in mice, they found that the wild type slept more and the mice with this gene didn't need to sleep as often. The tests that were done to see the results of having this gene did not alter the results in a negative way at all. Memory test were done and they both had similar results, as well as their eye movements being at the same level of awareness.These short sleepers can function in just the little amount of four to six hours a day.

I wish you can buy this gene and just have it. This would help so many people make more out of each day. Some people are just so busy that this would help them out in great ways. A lot of other people who have time consuming jobs like doctors, emergency surgeons, and police would really benefit from having his gene as well so no faults would happen due to lack of sleep. I mean I have to say, I do love my sleep.
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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    It's interesting to see a single gene influencing the amount of sleep someone gets and the subsequent level of productiveness despite a small of amount of sleep time. I must admit- I am an avid fan of sleeping and look forward to it each night. However, it would be nice to see how this gene can be utilized for people and how people's lives can change by having more hours in the day to get things accomplished.

  2. This discovery is something one would see straight from a Sci-fi show! It would be amazing to be able to sleep less or stay up later without having to feel murky. While NSPR1 shows no side effects and seems to only have positive impacts, I feel like it would be dangerous for mass to have this gene.

  3. Wow, I really love getting in my eight hours of sleep when I can, but this gene would be life changing! It's interesting that the NSPR1 gene is found in people who have shorter sleep duration periods, but no negative consequences. Therefore, these people literally do not require as much sleep as everyone else. Imagine being just as productive, but with a shorter sleep duration? What a great find!