Thursday, November 15, 2018

X vs. Y Chromosome

A new study suggests that men are actually right when they say that women are “too complex”.  With the latest study of X and Y chromosomes, scientists have learned that the Y chromosome have much less complexity than having a double X chromosome. In fact, women are able to express genes 15% better than males due to having a double X chromosome.  
However, it has also been seen that the X chromosome is actually shrinking over the course of millions of years.  The Y chromosome performs such little gene expression that is basically unused, staying small similar to a pinky finger remaining small.  It could be hypothesized that the Y chromosome could actually shrink to such a minute size that it will disappear altogether.  But, as another study points out, the amount of genes and the Y chromosome remains the same because the genes, which only hold 100 of the original genes that the chromosome began with, are key to the males’ survival.
Scientists argue that the Y chromosome doesn’t only result in maleness and being fertile, but also having gene expression that differs from women, allowing different responses to diseases.  This means that males could be more prone to symptoms or risks from diseases than females, or vice versa.  By understanding these differences and as our medical technology advances, I believe that medication and certain techniques could be developed in order to cure specific diseases for either males or females in particular.  This may even aid in curing X-linked inheritable diseases.


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