Thursday, April 12, 2018

Working Out Bad Heart Genetics

Heart health is an important factor in living a long prosperous life, but certain genetic heart conditions may hinder the ability for some to have such longevity towards life. High Cholesterol, heart attacks, strokes, and abnormal heart rhythms can all be some common examples of genetic conditions that may affect the heart in a negative way.

Genetically inherited heart conditions can come as a common occurrence, or as a rare event that both have negative impacts on who it was passed down to. Improvements in technology allow for better detection of heart conditions of varying risk. Early detection may help to prevent or reduce the risk of genetically inherited heart conditions and can help to prevent further generations from experiencing such negative effects. 

However, studies show a promising outlook on heart health through daily physical activity. A study by the UK Biobank database had surveyed hundreds of thousands of people with genetically inherited heart conditions and found that those who participate in some form of physical activity had a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke even with the predisposed heart condition. It is important to understand that physical activity isn't the only path in having a healthy heart. A healthy diet, coupled with mental stimulation can allow for a reduced risk in heart conditions even if it has a high genetic risk. 


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