Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sweet Tooth Genetic?

             There has been a recent study done to test whether or not snacking habits are genetic.  It's said that a lot majority of children carry the genes that can result in poor snack choices.  The taste receptors were tested to identify which children generally were drawn to because they thought it tasted better.  There needs to be more research done to support this claim and to think of ways to help children to eating better.
taste test

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  1. Having a sweet tooth being caused by a gene could potentially make sense. If ones parents are more prone to eating sweets I would assume that their offspring would also have the same tendency. However, this behavior of poor snacking could as well be based upon ones environment. If there are no sweets in ones lifestyle they won't be able to make that choice on eating sweets. It will be interesting to see if this study continues to advance but for now my personal opinion is that snacking is based around ones environment and not their genetics.