Friday, February 2, 2018

Depression Caused by Genes?

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            There has been a study to determine whether depression is a genetic trait that is viewed as one grows up or is it a gene that has been passed down to them from their parents. It has been determined that it is a little bit of both that actually does cause depression in individuals. There is a much greater risk of having depression if an individual’s parents have it, and that is from viewing how a parent reacts to certain situations as they are growing up. But there has been no found gene that actually can be passed down to cause depression. A lot of studies looking into depression need to understand epigentics. Epigentics has a lot of to do with how the genes are expressed in physical of emotional ways. It has been found that if a mother is depressed, the children will end up being depressed more often than not than compared to that of the father being depressed. To conclude, depression is most likely from an individual’s surroundings as they grow then actual genes being passed down from their parents.

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  1. I read an article that Hyperthyroidism can also cause depression! This article is interesting too. My best friends cousin suffered from depression so it is interesting to know if it is a genetic trait.