Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How Do Poisonous Frogs Prevent From Being Poisoned?

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Have you ever wondered about how poisonous reptiles prevent themselves from being poisoned? An article published by Science Daily informs readers of how frogs are not affected by their toxins. Poisonous frogs use their toxins and other chemical properties for survival when eaten by various predators. The toxins released from the frog can cause seizures, hypertension, and even death. Researchers have discovered out of 2500 amino acids which make up the receptor , only three amino acids were mutated. These amino acid changes prevent the toxins from affecting the frogs own body. Also, the Science News  has published an article about how researchers can test the different protein amino acids and can test the effects of the changes. Not only did the researchers find out genetically, due to amino acid mutation frogs are prone to their own toxins, but experimented with the human protein. Replacing one of the amino acids in the human protein made it resistant to epibatidine and acetylcholine, which affect the nervous system. Genetically frogs are mutated, preventing toxins from affecting their body. This article was very interesting because this is something that people don't really think about, but is very interesting. Its cool to see how frogs don't get poisoned by there own toxins, but the article was very repetitive.  



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  1. You are right! I did not think much about how poisonous frogs can prevent themselves from the poison. I always thought since they already have that poison in their system, of course they will be immune to that poison. However, now I known that it is due to the mutation in their amino acids. This article is also very interesting that the researcher can experimented with the human protein as well. I hope this research can moved forward and find the way to cure most poisonous against human.