Tuesday, September 26, 2017

DNA Helps in Immune Cells Development

If immune system of human beings is not working or developed properly enough many diseases impact our health. According to the article on medicalxpress, for the immune system to develop properly, it needs the right information at the right time: genetic components have to be activated at the precise time, and promoter areas must be paired exactly with the enhancer clusters. Promoter area is where the gene is expressed, and enhancer clusters are where the cells are matured to perform their specific functions. If the things mentioned above do not happen in a synchronized manner diseases like leukemia result.
The article further explains that the part of DNA known as the non-coding DNA plays a huge part in bringing promoter and enhancer regions together with utmost accuracy by changing the 3D structure of the DNA.When the shape changes, the two regions are brought close together in a loop.  After that, both are separated and repositioned to begin the development of T-cells, which are also known as the building block of the immune system. Hence; the DNA helps the enhancer and promoter regions to find each other at the right time, which results in maturation of immune cells. I have always been mesmerized by the DNA, and to know that it also helps in the development of T-cells is truly astonishing. As mentioned in the article, I hope this discovery will lead to the development of many new treatment methods like treating mutations and suppressing tumors.

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