Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A study towards letting out modified genes

An article from Science Daily has published a Harvard study which speaks about how modified genes in the wild could damage the ecosystem. With the rise of CRISPR, modfied genes are going to become a thing of the future. A scenario of an accidental escape of a modified mosquito could create a potential problem to the ecosystem that could be"irreversible" said Hidenori Tanaka, a Harvard graduate student that conducted this study. He used nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations to determine the rate a modified mosquito could reproduce its gene into the wild. But Tanaka has said that the only way a danger could occur is if the modified gene is released intensely in a specific area in contrast to it spreading slowly throughout a larger area. Also, pesticide could still terminate a mosquito with a modified gene and control could still take place. So, a risk could happen with modified genes but Tanaka has calmly stated that a genetic explosion would have to take place first.

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