Monday, July 31, 2017

Purple Rice To Help Protect Against Diseases

In an article published by Seeker, Rice was genetically engineered by biologists from the South China Agriculture University in order to produce an antioxidant-rich pigment called anthocyanin. The pigment was instilled through the endosperm of the rice by "gene stacking." Since black rice already contains anthocyanin, it would be more convenient for the pigment to be infused in white rice since it is more commonly eaten. In doing so, genetically engineering this type of rice, would vastly progress in delivering the essential antioxidants that fight off illnesses (i.e. diabetes, chronic disorders, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases). Scientists, like Yao-Guang Liu, senior author, have found the correct combination that was needed to play a role in altering the genes. Although, stated in the article, more studies need to me made in order to completely verify that the rice is safe to consume. The reason being could either for its unique color or because of the publics concern it is genetically modified. 


  1. I would really like to know how the purple rice received the antioxidants, stemming from the black rice that already had it. I wonder if the white rice was really infused or if the pruple rice had some sort of heterozygosity with characteristics of the black rice.

  2. I think this is a wonderful way to use the study of genetics since it is creating something that will help people in result of. With the rate of obesity and disease so high in america today, creating a food that is already commonly eaten to be beneficial to ones health has my vote.

  3. This would be wonderful in countries that rely on rice as their main food source. Typically these are poorer countries where disease can spread like wild fire. My question is how expensive is this? And do the genetically modified rice plants reproduce? Is this something that we can buy a seed pack for in the food store? After doing some research I do believe I found purple rice at I am not sure if it is the same one but here is the link if anyone is interested