Monday, July 31, 2017

A Baffling Brain Defect is Linked to Gut Bacteria, Scientists Say

Researchers have made a surprising link between a brain disease and a bacteria in the gut. Scientists believe the microbiome, or the body's vast community of bacteria play a role in the development of a vast variety of diseases. New research suggests that bacteria found in the gut can initiate diseases in the most unrelated organs, with no obvious link to the gut and in the most unexpected ways. One particular linkage came to finding when scientists studied hereditary cerebral cavernous malformations or blood-filled bubbles that protrude from veins in brain. Scientists found that the malformations in the blood vessels of the brain were caused or initiated by bacteria growing in the gut, and it was this finding that has stimulated a lot of research in the bacteria of the gut and different body diseases. 


  1. I am curious to know how or what type of bacteria in the gut causes this disease to be occur. I see how it says the body's community of bacteria so I am unsure if it is bacteria already found in the body originally. I would be interested in reading up more on this topic to see what else has been discovered on it.

  2. Providing the commonality of bacterial infections as well as our extensive knowledge of the various types of bacteria, I think this discovery could be a very important step in helping to identify and treat the various kinds of brain diseases.