Monday, July 31, 2017

Harvard Experts Claim Genetics may have a role in Uddanam kidney disease

A recent article about a Harvard study conducted in Uddanam India, seems to conclude that there is a genetic predisposition to a type of kidney disease or nephropathy. The study examined over 200 participants from that region of India, as well as tested water and other samples in the area. The reasoning behind this is that woman who were previously married in Uddanam and moved elsewhere seemed to develop a kidney disease with no known etiology. The hypothesis seems to point to a possible genetic component to the disease isolated to that town in India. The Harvard team seems to also thing that more research is necessary to definitely conclude that this is the case and not just a coincidence.

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  1. This seems like an interesting area to do research in. I wonder how they will research to become 100 percent positive the nephropathy is for sure a predisposed disease. I also wonder if there was an environmental factor affecting or triggering the women with the predisposed disease when they moved to a new area.