Monday, May 1, 2017

The elucidation of fungal bioluminescence

Recent work has led to the understanding of the chemical pathway of light production in bioluminescent fungi. Science has uncovered the processes in bioluminescent insects, bacteria, and marine animals but until now, have yet to reveal the pathway in fungal bioluminescence. There are approximately 80 species of fungi that express bioluminescence. This work has detailed the luciferin substrate, the luciferase enzyme, and the light emission by oxidation into oxyluciferin. Because of the scientific importance of bioluminescence application in the study of biology, this work can help to elucidate other biological processes. Fungi play an important role in the biogeochemical processes on earth and investigations such as this may lead to a better understanding with the applied use of possible biotechnology. With genetic sequencing of these fungi, the biochemical pathway may be used for other purposes yet to be revealed.


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  1. This is pretty interesting. Bio-luminescent anything are very dope to study especially when it comes to plants or insects.

  2. love the picture, I wonder if what other plant are bio-luminescent