Monday, May 1, 2017

New Species of Clam Found in Michigan River

A new invasive clam was found in the Illinois River, about 80 miles west of the Michigan River. This new rn aside species brings a lot of questions to mind regarding how exactly it got to the United States of America. Research indicates the species to be in the genus Corbicula, descending from Vancouver and making its way to North America by Asian immigrants. The clams themselves remained a vital source of food for those traveling to America, but the new discovery does not see to be a good one. For starters exact identification is tricky because the sexual reproduction of these clams can start from just a single clam, as a clam can self fertilize itself if it has both male and female sex organs. These clams are also capable of mating with clams within the same taxa, not just species. Another problem this clam brings is a change to the current ecosystem in which it resides. It provides a challenge to other species of clams, even a recently federal endangered species, as they share the same nutrients and food supply. It is marvelous that this one clam species has made its way thousands of miles for new habitation, but undoubtedly it reals havoc on current and future ecosystems in this area and across the nations coast.

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Don't eat them raw if at all, deadly bacteria!!!


  1. This is amazing that a species of clam travelled so far to America. Also, self fertilization probably caused this species to become repopulated here and causing so much ecosystem damage. Invasive species are not something the environment that is already struggling with enough stressors can handle!

  2. Invasive species can be so devasting, the introduction of just one live clam from Asia can start breeding and outcometing native clams is insane. The world becoming more interconnected is wrecking havoc with natural populations of microorganisms, plants, and animals everywhere.