Monday, April 17, 2017

How closely are we related to Spongebob?

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Scientists have revealed that gene regulation by histones is one of the major effects of evolutionary diversity in organisms ranging from the sponge to humans. The regulation of genes is controlled by the histones that wrap the DNA inside the nucleus. These histones determine whether or not a gene is going to be turned on or off. At the University of Queensland in Australia, a study consisted of Great Barrier Reef sponges and genetic testing was preformed on the histones to see if the genetic marks are the same as in more complex organisms. The common ancestor for the sponge and human is long extinct, but this connection determines that this genetic component is important for evolution and diversity amongst simple to complex organisms.
In my opinion, this study is important to understanding evolutionary drives in ecosystems. Finding a common link in gene expression between two very different organisms is a large step for evolutionary science.


  1. I think this is a really fascinating discovery that truly helps people understand evolution and that everything in life is connected in some way or another. To think humans and sponges share a common link in gene expression is crazy since sponges and us are completely different species with no similar physical attributes.

  2. Wow, who would have thought that of all things were are closely related to sponges. I especially would never guess to compare our histones. They have such an important role in the ecosystems that it is no wondeer why they have similar DNA. Hopefully this could lead to a break in the medical field.