Tuesday, April 18, 2017

CRISPR Leads Seedless Tomatoes Purpose Bright Future in Farming

Seedless tomatoGene editing for genetically modified plants is transforming the food industry and feeding the world population. A japanese scientist mutated a gene in tomatoes making them seedless by using CRISPR. These tomatoes do not require pollination from bees. The plant is simply tricked into thinking it's been pollinated and therefore grows the fruit. The tomato lifecycle looks the same as seed-filled ones and theoretically taste the same. They also could help to simplify the process of making sauces and tomato paste. This new technology could help farmers cope with the world's decline in bee populations and the increasing demand for food supplies. This technique possibly could be used to make other crops that do not require pollination for reproduction.
CRISPR is the future. In my opinion, genetically modified foods is the most efficient way to keep up with the increased demands for food with the growing population. If there is a way to perfect the seedless tomato with the taste being tampered, then there will be a large place for seedless fruits in the world's food industry.

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