Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Promiscuity and Decline of Evolution

“Survival of the fittest” and Darwin’s theory of evolution suggests that new species evolve when favored characteristics are bred and passed on more successfully than non-favored genes. Mating is thought to be through sexual selection. This is when one sex chooses to mate with the opposite sex because of very specific characteristics that will eventually form a new species. New research now suggests something other than the theory of evolution is driving mating and slowing down species evolution. Polygamous birds, ones that mate with several partners during a season, are less diverse genetically when compared to monogamous species. Rapid diversification does not equal higher genetic differences in population. As first scientists thought that polygamous birds choose their mates randomly but it seems they have a “type”. Humans prefer blonde or dark hair partners and the same rings true for birds. I find it interesting how other animals besides humans look for traits in mates that don't necessarily mean anything for survival. 

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