Thursday, March 16, 2017

Poor Sleep Habits & Increased Weight Gain

Image: from Medical News article

A research team from the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow analyzed 119,859 UK adults health data to see if they carried genetic risk factors for obesity, as well as their self-reported sleep data. They discovered that those who had a high genetic risk factor  for obesity and slept under seven hours weighed 2 kilograms more than those who slept 7-9 hours. Those who slept more than nine hours were 4 kilograms heavier than their counterparts. Similarly, those who had a low genetic risk factor were able to somewhat get away with poor sleep habits as their data showed no significant correlation. 
I hope that after reading this article people realize that maintaining a healthy lifestyle (eating, exercise, sleep, etc.) is imperative, even if you are genetically influenced by obesity factors.

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  1. This article pertains to me so much, when I used to work two jobs plus school, I would only get 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. I noticed changes in my health more than my weight, but since I quit one of my jobs, I get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night and feel better than ever. Getting the proper amount of sleep is so important for ones health.