Friday, March 17, 2017

Is Sugar Harmless?

The opening sentence of the article, If Sugar is Harmless, Prove It, stated, “Over the past half-century, the rate of obesity in America has nearly tripled, while the incidence of diabetes has increased roughly sevenfold.” The second part of this sentence seemed to relay information that seven times more people have been diagnosed with diabetes over the past half-century but I remembered what I learned in class. The range to become diagnosed has increased. So, this means that people that live today and are considered diabetic might not have been considered diabetic a few years back. So, always look at the perspective of these statistics. But, in this article, a science journalist named Gary Taubes, explains why eating too much and exercising too little is the main blame for obesity in America. He suggests that we should look at the carbohydrate content of the diet, especially sugar. In the past years increases in sugar consumption have occurred. Does this link to the increase of obesity and diabetes? It is hard to tell. Unless we eliminate sugar completely from our consumption than we cannot tell if it leads to being healthier. Taubes explains, “It’s this energy balance thinking that leads us to blame the food industry for providing too much tasty food, and the individual who’s afflicted for not being able to eat in moderation and not being suitably active.” Personally, I believe this is correct. I think if someone eats all this sugary tasty food and does not work out than it will lead to being overweight. I always think of the saying “you are what you eat.”  Having sugar here and there will not automatically give a human diabetes. There are other factors that contribute to this as well. For example, genes are linked directly to some cases of obesity. Obesity can be hereditary. It can also be from environmental factors such as surrounding yourself around unhealthy foods. I do not think sugar is good but I also do not think it can truly hurt you in moderation. I believe sugar consumption is all about balancing the amount eaten and amount of daily exercise.

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