Monday, March 27, 2017

Peptide targeting senescent cells restores stamina, fur, and kidney function in old mice

In this article researchers were able to design a peptide to target senescent cells in mice.  This resulted in a restoration of stamina, fur density, and improved kidney function in naturally aged mice and fast aging mice.  The peptide works by blocking a protein for senescence.  The interference results in cell apoptosis in staying younger longer.  This could possibly lead to anti-aging medication. In a couple of years the average human life expectancy could possibly be doubled.  It's an interesting concept to think about.

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  1. Kane, I really find mouse research interesting. In this particular instance dealing with fast aging mice the hair regrowth factor was really neat. I also did my last post on mice and how scientists are reseting the biological clock and trying to reverse and stop again utilizing this small lab animal.