Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rapid Evolution Saved This Fish From Pollution

The Atlantic killfish is a very common, minnow-like fish that lives in the rivers that boarder New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The fact that they lived there was very interesting to researchers because these waters are very toxic due to the toxic materials that run into them from surrounding factories. Chemicals like DDT and Agent Orange completely invade these waters, and in large volumes.  They believe that it is an "evolutionary miracle" that they can survive these conditions because most organisms can not. Researchers did studies and found that these fish just have certain genetic adaptations no matter where they live; even if they do live in less polluted waters.


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  1. It's rare to see evolution happen in just a few years like these minnows. Perhaps the high levels of toxins lead these fish to rapidly change their DNA to adapt to the harsh environment. That or the toxins caused a lot of mutations that altered their DNA.