Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Results of a Defect in the MC4R Gene

A study was conducted to link obese individuals with the MC4R gene. Obese individuals usually enjoy indulging in foods with high fat content. High fat content will lead to an excess in caloric intake which may lead to weight gain.A study was conducted with lean and obese individuals. However, some of the obese individuals possessed the defective MC4R gene. The individuals were taken to an open buffet. The buffet served chicken with similar tastes, but each entrée contained a different percentage of fat content. The result was that the obese individuals with the defective gene ate significantly more of the higher fat content chicken than the lean and obese individuals. The defect in the gene causes individuals to enjoy eating the higher fatty foods than an individual with an unaffected gene. Another experiment was conducted, but this time the test was sugar content. The obese individuals with the defective gene ate remarkably less of the higher sugar content in this desert. The lean and obese individuals liked the desert with the higher sugar content. The calories obtained per gram of fat is double the amount produced by carbohydrates and proteins. The individuals with the defective gene are preferring to eat foods with higher fat content which further allows for a problem with weight gain. This article was very interesting to read because obesity is such a big problem in this country. For many individuals it is difficult to lose weight and this gene is most likely the cause of the problem. It would be very interesting if the same gene in an unaffected individual was cloned and administered to the genome of an individual with the defective gene. It is possible that this would allow an obese individual with the defective gene to have less desire to eat such unhealthy, high fat content foods.


  1. So interesting that a defective gene could cause a significant difference in desire for types of food. I hope that more mutations like this are found that give reasons as to why certain people gain weight more easily so we can help the population become healthier overall by fixing the defective genes.

  2. I never knew there was a gene that could affect how people enjoy different types of food. It's interesting that the people with the defective gene enjoy high fat foods which contain more than double the calorie content per gram than proteins and carbs. I wonder if there is a gene that naturally slim people have that causes them to maybe enjoy high protein foods.