Monday, May 2, 2016

Milestone for Breast Cancer

A Recent study published in Nature is said to be a milestone for breast cancer research. Cancer research UK found an important stepping stone to new drugs for treating cancer. Three billion letters of people’s genetic code were taken apart to look at, of which 560 were of breast cancer. Out of the 20,000 genes (approximately) in the human genome, if 93 of those could convert healthy breast tissue into the cancerous tissue if mutation takes place. The team of researchers identified 12 types of damages in the DNA that cause mutation in the breast tissue. Some are related to genetic factors but most are still unknown. The new findings have been released to pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop new drugs.

I think this is a really important discovery because many suffer from cancer that are ‘unknown’ of their origin. As taught in genetics, not all cancers are hereditary so therefore people who have cancer have no way of tracing it. This study is nice because it is bringing us closer to knowing the genetic changes made in the DNA and we can understand things better.  

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