Monday, May 2, 2016

Genetic Makeup behind Brain Tumors is Necessary

What is a brain tumor and how is it formed?

             Brain tumors are clusters of abnormal cells in your brain which is enclosed within. If the brain tumor starts to develop it can cause problems because it is growing in limited space. These tumors can be cancerous or non  cancerous but when it starts to grow it can cause the pressure inside your skull to increase. This not only causes brain damage, but later it can develop into brain cancer. 

Are brain tumors genetically inherited?

             Brain tumors can be based on genetic structure, caused by the environment, or both. 

However, inheritance plays a small role at about 5%.  And, other types of brain tumors, such as 

glioblastoma multiforme is associated with inherited genes. More likely cause of brain tumors to 

form specifically based on environment would be the exposure to certain chemicals, such as 

petrochemicals and pesticides. These chemicals are at a much higher risk of developing a cancerous 

brain tumor than those who are weren't exposed to those substances.

What type of research has helped us find solutions to these brain tumors?

             Scientist and brain surgeons together have found that identifying the genetic marker within 

these individuals who have a gene for brain tumor can help treat brain tumors and brain cancers. 

Basically, a an effective treatment is by genotyping and within this research they have found that 

tumors with one genetic profile were slowly developing and more responsive to drug treatment than

 combined with radiation treatment. 

**I believe that genotyping can solve many problems and can save many lives if used and done earlier in the stage of any disease. This is because mostly but not all disease are some way shape or form can be altered if genotyping was conducted. In the case of brain tumors, it seems that it is necessary to genotype in earlier stage of the brain tumor otherwise it can spread and damage parts of the brain and its tissue. 

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  1. Never thought inheritance could have been related to brain tumors. Very interesting.