Monday, May 2, 2016

Decrease In Acreage of Genetically Modified Crops in 2015

Figure 1. GMO infographic

The amount of crops planted containing some type of GMO has decreased by 1% since 2014. Ever since 1996 when these types of plants were first introduced, there has only been increases among the amount of plants grown. This also correlated with a decrease of $0.4 billion from $15.7 billion in 2014. GMOs provide for more optimal crops for consumers that last longer and can protect themselves from their environment better. This is done to increase the amount of product for however much money is put in towards growing these crops. 

Though there has been a decrease in the acreage of Genetically Modified Crops, I believe that there will still be an increase. There is so much more profit to be made when food lasts longer and more can be made with less money. It is extremely cost efficient, and many farmers are turning towards this method. There should be more research done to see if modifying these organisms are actually damaging our bodies or not with a clear distinct link so the people can know what they are putting into their body. Labeling their products for containing GMOs is the right thing to do because I would not want to question what I am eating.

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